Babe Scott - Man Candy and Cupcakes


Do you like hot guys as much as you like hot baked goods? Well, then Man Candy and Cupcakes is the book for you. This sizzling new book from cupcake queen Babe Scott will get more than the batter rising. It features the most seductive cupcake recipes of all time showcased alongside the hottest, most abtastic guys ever seen outside of early episodes of Baywatch.
Man Candy and Cupcakes features four buffed bakers photographed alongside their themed cupcake recipes. The Cupcake Cowboy will take your taste buds on a Bronco-busting ride. The Castaway Cupcake will introduce you to a world of exotic flavors. The Bad Boy Baker’s risqué recipes take your baking fantasies 50 shades darker and the Baker Next Door will melt your heart with his homespun cupcakes. Man Candy and Cupcakes will whet your appetite in more ways than one! Available now at and Amazon.

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