Babe Scott Cupcake Queen

Babe Scott puts the brawn into baking!

Babe Scott puts the curve into cupcakes with her drool-worthy cookbook Man Candy and Cupcakes. This tempting tome features the world’s most seductive cupcake recipes showcased by some of the hottest guys ever seen outside early episodes of Baywatch. If you thought cupcakes were just for kids’ parties, think again. Babe Scott’s risque recipes reveal the seductive side of these sweet treats. The many mouthwatering recipes in this saucy cookbook include Babe’s Marlon Brando inspired “Pound Me Cupcake” with Amaretto-spiked Buttercream, her “You’ve Been Berry Bad” cupcake with a surprise raspberry vodka jello shot in the centre and her Margarita Mayhem cupcake that is a baked version of this delicious cocktail.

These cupcakes are aphrodisiacs in a wrapper paired with photos of bakers so hot you will need a cold shower after flipping through them. Man Candy and Cupcakes is guaranteed to get more than the batter rising!

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