Bad Boy Baker Cupcake Wrapper

By December 25, 2014Cupcake Decorations
Bad Boy Baker Cupcake Wrapper from Man Candy and Cupcakes

This Bad Boy Baker cupcake wrapper will take your baking fantasies fifty shades darker. Pair it with one of the Bad Boy’s booze-infused recipes from Man Candy and Cupcakes and your guests are sure to ask for a second serving. Accessorize it with the seductive cupcake recipes from this abtastic baking book including the Marlon Brando inspired Pound Me cupcake, Red Velvet Vice, Dark and Stormy and Licorice Lust cupcake recipes. This wrapper is a cinch to create this . Simply click on the jpeg below to enlarge the image, print it out and cut along the thin black lines. Fold it around your cupcake, overlapping it along the dotted lines and secure it into place with sticky tape. If  you like you can team it with our fun party hat cupcake topper.

Man Candy and Cupcakes wrapper, Bad Boy Baker