Chocolate Martini Recipe

By December 29, 2017Blog
Chocolate Martini

There is nothing sexier than a Chocolate Martini. It’s lust in a glass – I think of it as Betty Page reincarnated in a drink. It’s all your inchoate longings and suppressed naughtiness distilled into one delicious drink. This seductive cocktail should come with a warning notice – if you imbibe too many, you may end end up wondering what happened to your clothes (or your sense of decorum). Drink at your own risk!

2 ounces Vodka (for an added twist can use Vanilla or Whipped Cream Vodka)
1 1/2 ounces Creme de Cacao
Garnish: sugar syrup and
Chocolate sprinkles for rimming

  1. Dip cocktail glass in sugar syrup and chocolate sprinkles

  2. Pour drink ingredients into a cocktail shaker half filled with ice cubes
  3. Shake vigorously and with sexy intention. 
  4. Strain into rimmed cocktail glass. Garnish with a seductive smile