Cowboy Cupcake Wrapper

By December 28, 2014Cupcake Decorations
Sex cowboy cupcake wrappers


There is nothing sexier than a cowboy unless it is a cowboy wearing a cupcake. Babe Scott’s Cupcake Cowboy recipes in her new book Man Candy and Cupcakes are the most bronco-busting, machismo cupcakes you will ever taste. They will make your taste buds feel as if they are riding off into the sunset. This cowboy cupcake wrapper is the perfect accessory to team with one of her wild west-inspired recipes. Simply click on the wrapper below to enlarge it, cut along the black lines and fold it around your cupcake. Secure it with sticky tape so it fits as snug as our cowboy’s saddle.

Cowboy cupcake wrapper from Man Candy and Cupcakes