Tropical Cupcake Wrapper

By December 28, 2014Cupcake Decorations
Tropical cupcake wrapper

This Castaway tropical cupcake wrapper is the perfect accessory to dress your cupcakes in for your next holiday-themed party. Serve them up with some of the beach-inspired cupcake recipes from Man Candy and Cupcakes. They are perfect teamed with our mouthwatering castaway recipes including the Coco Loco cupcake, Chili Chocolate, Pina Colada and our fabulous Margarita Cupcake, which tastes just like a baked version of this popular cocktail. Simply click on the wrapper below to enlarge it, cut along the black lines and fold it around your cupcake. Secure it with sticky tape so it fits as snug as Marky Mark’s swimming trunks.

Man Candy, Geronimo Frias, Cupcake wrapper